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Kathren Bunt, Dipl., Ac., L.Ac, M.S.
Smoke Cessation
Acupuncture is an effective tool to enable you to quit smoking
by minimizing cravings, reducing your anxiety, calming your nerves and supporting your will power to succeed. This program can only work if you are ready, able and willing to stop smoking. This is a big commitment to changing your life and habits.

Acupuncture can reduce most cravings but not all. For example, if you have 25+ cravings a day it can reduce them to just a few a day. Now as a non-smoker it is up to you to get through the few cravings with your commitment, strength and willpower. The cravings usually pass after a few minutes. You will have a program intact to help get you through those few minutes so you can move through the process easily and gently.

  Acupuncture works by calming the mind and  
  emotions. It intercepts the messages sent by
  the brain to the body to change the addictive 
  process and balance out the meridians (energy
  pathways on the body). Acupuncture stimulates
  the secretion of endorphins and enkephalins. 
  These are the pleasure pleasing molecules that
  the body naturally produces when in a relaxed
  state. When you are relaxed, your brain 
  functions at a different level of hertz and your 
  perceptions are changed and you are able to
  make better choices and therefore change habits.

The initial visit is a Traditional Chinese Exam where I will examine your Chinese pulse (there are 28 different Chinese pulses), view your tongue (tells me how your body is functioning on a zang-fu level), inquiry and observation. From my detailed exam I will devise a program that fits your needs the best based on your constitution, body type, syndrome differentiation, excess and deficiencies of energies, etc.

Everyone will have a similar program but with differences based on what I find during the exam. Some may be able to quit in 3 treatments and others it may take a while longer based on if they have internal heat, phlegm, dampness, cold, etc., within their body. All of this will be explained in the exam with the findings.

You will be given information on what to expect during the treatments. You will have suggestions on what and how to make this an easy process.

I will treat your whole body through the Traditional Chinese Medicine protocol. This means that I will have some needles (stainless steel one-time use needles) in your body and your ears. These needles are the width of about 2-3 hairs so they are very, very fine. Most people don't feel the needles. An acupuncture treatment is very relaxing and balancing.

I will send you home with homework to do. For example, you may have to rub a few miniature stainless steel acupuncture seeds that are placed strategically in your ear a few times a day. All this will be explained during the exam.

This stop smoking program does not end after your acupuncture treatments. This program is a new way of life. Your habits will change and therefore you will change. You will find yourself observing life differently and you will become aware of your choices and how they affect you. You will learn about the body-mind connection and how this affects you on many levels. This will even affect your family and friends. You will feel healthier in the overall!!

Call the Acupuncture and Wellness Center for your initial exam and start the stop smoking program.

Call 260-418-4126.


I started going to Kathren Bunt to support a friend in weight loss. We talked about diet, food, and exercises. I started receiving acupuncture for myself for cravings for weight loss. I lost 35 pounds in the process. Kathren explained Chinese syndrome differentiation to me and I found out that my body contained too much internal heat. I also had an ulcerated tongue which doctors and dentists could not solve that was very painful. Kathren did acupuncture to remove the internal heat and to work on the painful tongue. My condition is so much better. My tongue does not hurt.

I think that acupuncture is the most relaxing hour ever!! I would highly recommend Kathren Bunt for acupuncture.
M. H.
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